February 24, 2005

Throwing out just the bathwater.

It is a known fact, my beautiful, soon to be born pumpkin, that babies are messy creatures. Everything that can be spilled, thrown, or otherwise ejected from a baby's immediate environment has a habit of winding up on something else. It was for this reason, pumpkin, that we made the people who sold us Elliot (our couch) guarantee In Writing that they could remove any stain known to mankind.

Everything we purchase for you, we make sure that it is of the easily cleaned variety. Something you can wipe down, or at worst throw in the washing machine. Buying baby clothes that are dry clean only, my sweet pumpkin pie, is an exercise in stupidity.

Having said all that, we have not, until today, had something with which to keep YOU clean. Being a fairly pragmatic dad, I was a firm believer in the school of thought that suggests one should bathe one's baby in whatever sink is handy (although probably not the laundry trough, that's just a teeny bit too skanky). I was not averse to the idea of bathing you in a specialised receptacle, but just, you know, not terribly interested in buying something we would only be able to use for a few months.

This, butternut, is where FreeCycle came in. I've spoken about the glory that is freecycle before, so I won't bore you again, but I will, with your permission, use this forum to publicly thank Caroline for the lovely, amazing, two-piece-with-special-foam-insert-and-drainage-plug baby bath.

Love you.

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Liz said...

I was sometimes bathed in the laundry trough (at my own request, I expect) - it wasn't skanky, it was deep and exciting! With six children in the family we had many a 'proper' thing to bath in, but nothing beats the thrill of going off road and using something for a purpose other than for what it was designed for. We did have a pretty impressive laundry/sewing room though, and I'm sure my mother kept it as far from skanky as possible.