June 30, 2005

Baby's Got Blue Eyes

Baby's Got Blue Eyes
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The thing is, punkin, Trish is right. Being a parent is hard hard hard work. She's right also, about it being the most rewarding thing you ever do, and she's right about it being terribly terribly difficult to avoid offering you to any given door-to-door salespeople.

I'm not sure about the evolutionary reason for this extraordinarily long period of fractured and interrupted sleep. I can see that there must be some reason for needing to break down our psychological defences - perhaps it's so you can more effectively imprint on us.

More likely, it's simply that your cute little belly (as I write this, it's round and tight as a drum) can't hold enough food to keep you going for the six hours in a row that I need to sleep in order to function effectively in society.

Tonight, however, is a new night, and seeing as how you've only been around for (see what no sleep does? I can't even multiply eight by seven in my head. Sure, it's one of the hard ones, but really, I'm not at the top of my game kid) 57 nights so far, let's see if tonight we can all sleep tight.

Love you.


Gab said...

Hey pumpkin, I started reading your dad's blog before you were born. Then I went travelling and have just come back and here you are! Welcome to the world - try and ease up on your parents, okay? You've got all your teen years to keep them up at night!

Rae said...

My goodness how his face has changed! Bram is such a gorgeous little boy and seemingly changing with each photograph you put up on this here blog.

Pol said...

Bram, ya wee bam, gee yir folks some peace an wheesht ya wee jobby.

Ah this is how we parent in Scotland.

quality jollity.

To the pair of you, be good and don't flush the wee precious down the bog, no matter how temped, as a plumber to fix your cludge is an astronomical figure.

love to youe all and my wide eyed admiration.

pol x

Avery's mom said...

he's a mini-militant trying to break you down and make you a good solider a.k.a. father
Best of luck on the sleep, and thanks for the heads up. We're due in August

jenu said...

Cutest baby ever!!! I love reading pumpkin diary, I'm all up to date now so eagerly await each new installment..keep up the good work