June 08, 2005

Time keeps on slippin, slippin

Under the heading of "things people tell you that you don't really believe", punkin, comes many, many line items. The one that's particularly affecting me at the moment is the ancient adage that children "grow up so fast".

Obviously, this is scientifically impossible. Children, it should be said, grow at a rate of exactly one day per day, ad infinitum. Certainly, at the age of 31 and almost a half, I feel like I'm still growing up, and learning new things every day. In your case, however, I'm beginning to believe that it could be true.

Every day, it seems that I get home from work to find you changed a little bit more. Last night I was changing you and rolled you over on your tummy to .. gain access to more of the devastation. You weren't happy with this plan, and you raised yourself up on your hands to let me know about it. Quite simply, I was astonished. I've not seen you do that before, and it's beginning to make me envy your mum that she gets to stay home with you.

Having said that, I know she envies me being able to go to work and spend all day going to work with people who know how to talk, and don't often vomit on one.

Love you.

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Bente said...

I am still astonished at how true "they grow up so fast" is.