June 28, 2005

Star gazing

Star gazing
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You will notice, my darling punkin, that in NOT ONE of the photos from this set that I am currently sending are your eyes closed.

This is likely to be related to the fact that you're currently smack in the middle of what is referred to variously as your 'six-week-spurt', or as here, your 'six week slump'.

Loosely translated, this entails you performing any one of the following at what seems to be entirely random intervals:
  • Feeding until your eyes bulge;
  • Giggling, laughing, making cute noises;
  • Smiling and playing and staring at either the bedframe or the wallhanging, depending on which room we're in;
  • Grunting;
  • Grizzling;
  • Filling your nappy while you smile at me;
  • Puking on me and then smiling at me; and
  • Screaming blue murder.
You will notice, if you're observant, that there's a conspicuous absence from this list.

That's right.

Go to sleep, punkling, please.

Love you.

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