June 05, 2005

Uncle Daffyd

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Contrary, punkin, to earlier threats of legal action, your Uncle David has chosen to come out of the woodwork and be exposed for who he is. David was one of the first people to see you when you came into the world, and was holding you in his arms when you were only hours old. Since then, he's been keeping up a steady rate of visits and calls, to check on "his mate".

He's your Uncle, but he's also your Godfather. Your mother and I chose people to take this special place in your life in the knowledge that we could not teach you everything that we want you to know. We chose people whose skills and areas of expertise complemented ours, and people who we know that we will be able to rely on in times of crisis. David, we chose because we know that he can teach you things that we cannot. Things about spirituality, and how to kick a torpedo properly. Also, it's important that you understand that he drives a Monaro, and is in the posession of some fair to middling nunchuck skills.

He's one of the people that I hope you will turn to when the answers that I give you to the big questions aren't satisfying you. He's one of the people that I know I will be able to leave you with and feel safe knowing that he will care for you as I would.

Love you.

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Uncle Daffyd said...

Nice angle thanks for the double chin you will be hearing from my legal team