June 24, 2005

Things your father tells you

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We're halfway through watching a film, pumpkin, and there was a dad and a son in it. The dad in the film (who was, it should be said, not a very nice person) told the boy that he was a disappointment.

I will never tell you, BramBill, that you're a disappointment to me. You may, in the fullness of time and in the general course of human events, do things that disappoint me, and on those occasions I will endeavour to explain to you why it is that those actions (or more likely being my son, INactions) have caused my disappointment.

You, my son, my beautiful boy, my wonderful amazing child, you will never disappoint. You are a constant source of pride. You are the greatest achievement of my life.

Love you.

Now I have to go and finish watching the film, or your mum's going to crack it.


due in no small part to the fact that we're the number one google result for the phrase "herro hans brix", we have just hit the 10,000 visitor mark. Say hello to your fans, kid.


mini me's momma said...

:-) Great site-nice to see other babies lives chronicled

E in Oz said...

We think that's just one of the best photos. (We being me and Mr Why-can't-I-give-my-son-frozen-peas.)

Congrats on hitting 10K too!

You know, this site would be a fantastic book. There are so many books out there about mothers and daughters, but I can't think of one father/son book in the same vein.

E :-)

Uncle Daffyd said...

Well Hans Brix rocks the casbah.