September 07, 2004

Listeria: the silent annoyance.

There are many things in our house, pumpkin, that annoy me. Our two dogs, who you will meet soon enough, have an apparently inexhaustible capacity to produce destruction and carnage that I am sure will be seen merely as a challenge to you.

It is a fact that the wiring in our abode leaves much to be desired, and that many of our powerpoints are dodgy to say the least. Imagine my surprise on Sunday night when I opened the freezer to make your mother up a batch of my famous bolognese sauce (equal parts Neil Perry and Phil Kowalski) and found that nothing in the freezer, pumpkin, was freezing.

Operation "prevent the pregnant woman from ingesting anything that might be even slightly dangerous" commenced in earnest, and several lovely trevally fillets, along with about a kilo of premium mince and four chicken marylands, instantly became dogfood as if at the touch of some magic wand. The magic wand called "Listeria".

Installation of a hasty and ugly extension cord appears to have rectified the issue for now, but rest assured that the creation of today's dish, "Pasta Sausagenese", was not an isolated incident in your nascent childhood. Through the stomach of your fabulous mum, you will continue, for at least the rest of this week until we get to the market again, to enjoy "interesting and creative" highlights from my culinary skillset. It's probable that tomorrow night will feature "Tuna Pesto Pastabake", which earned three stars in the recent "Pantry Culinary Centre" awards.

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