September 19, 2004

Party favours

And so it went. The party of the century took place last night amid much fanfare, and as far as I could tell, went off without a hitch.

All of the usual suspects were in attendance, no doubt people with whom you will have the pleasure of sharing company in the not too distant future. Much food was eaten (one of the things you will notice about this family, pumpkin, is that we all love to eat. Some of us love to cook, too, so it's a good arrangement.

Your mother went home early, and your father stayed at the party late to take advantage of his rapidly dissapearing 'free time'. Let it be said that he took full advantage of the situation as it presented itself, and is therefore feeling slightly the worse for wear today.

The thing about these large family gatherings, pumkin, is that one gets a chance to see people that one only sees at these large family gatherings. Old acquaintances are renewed, and (particularly with our family) , there is a chance to get your head around who all of the 'players' are.

I'm too tired to write this, I'll edit it in the morning.

Seeya pumpkin.

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