September 16, 2004

of naming books and truffles.

So, my pumpkling, it's been some time since we last spoke. Events have unfolded thusly in the interim:
  • Your aunt and mother had their birthdays
  • I had my monthly work crunch
  • We went out for The Most Expensive Dinner I've Ever Had
  • We bought a "Big Book of Baby Names"
Your aunt Liz (we're going to have to come up with some kind of a numbering system for these two) had her 21st birthday, although her party is not until Saturday. Given that my Nana and Grandad will be at her party, I had to call them to tell them the good news about you so that they didn't inadvertantly hear it from some other source.

Of course, on being told that her first great-grandchild was on the way, your great-grandmother reacted in much the same way as your grandmother Linda. She paused for a moment and then proceeded to tell me that she would have to dig up her knitting implements and begin to make with the knitwear. Your mother has fairly strong ideas about knitwear, and I'm fairly sure that she's going to begin downloading knitting patterns willy-nilly and forwarding them to all and sundry along with colour charts and fabric samples in the not too distant future.

My work crunch occured much as normal, with frantic activity followed by tedium followed by more activity.

Dinner on Tuesday night was truly an astonishing experience. Now pumpkling, it is documented fact that your grandfather Phillip once stated pointblank that he would never take any of the children out to dinner again (admittedly it's my recollection that this was immediately subsequent to Your Uncle David putting a handful of his spaghetti into my coke glass). I think, therefore, that it may be some time before I take you to vue de monde (like maybe 20 years), but trust me, if it's still there, I'll take you one day.

It was the most expensive dinner that I've ever had (also one of the very best). I had one glass of (very nice) wine, and your mum drank mineral water, but let me tell you pumpkino, truffles, pheasant and foie gras do not come cheap. You can pay.

In a moment of weakness at the supermarket last night, I purchased a tome entitled something closely akin to "The Big Baby Name Book". We had a browse through its many pages last night looking for some assistance in choosing your moniker, and although we're still a bit confused as to exactly what your name WILL be, we can now safely say that it will NOT be any of the following:
  • Shaniqua
  • Blayze
  • Ace
  • Dhavydd
  • Abacus
  • Cobalt
  • Spruce
  • Fawnzelle
That is all for now.

Love you pumpkin.

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