September 03, 2004

a teddybear with a sore head

Last night, pumpkin, your mum and I went to dinner at the lovely home of your aunt Jann and your grandfather, Ian. We had already spoken on the phone to your other grandparents and felt that it was time to bring them into the loop.

Jann was in fact the first person that we told that you were coming, and we told her as soon as we knew. I think, though, that when we first spoke to her, it was before we had really come to terms with you, when you represented to me an idea that a baby was coming, rather than the stage at which we are now (terrified).

We talked a bit to your grandfather and Jann about what your name might be, and I think that they were comfortable with it. I'm not going to tell you what names we have in mind yet, because it's entirely possible that you'll turn up looking completely different from the name we have picked out for you.

Dinner was lovely, and so was the beer. Your mum's very tired a lot of the time at the moment, so she was ready to crash out by about 9:30. Today she feels a bit nauseous and very tired. So do I, but for entirely different reasons.

Love you pumpkin.

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Anonymous said...

i glad that most of the family knows about you now pumpkin, im very excited to meet you!

love your
aunty liz