September 01, 2004

of care models, obstetrics and labor wards

so here's how it works, pumpkin. When you find out that a little bundle of joy such as yourself is coming your way, apparently you need to work out RIGHT NOW
  1. Which hospital you want to give birth in, if indeed you want to give birth in a hospital
  2. What sort of "care model" you want to use (and there's about a hundred of them)
  3. Which obstetrician you want to use, if you want to use an obstetrician
  4. Several hundred other small details of which I am as yet unaware.
We're going to tour the labour ward at Frances Perry House tonight, which is where your uncle Nick and aunt Liz were born, and then on Saturday we're going to check out the Freemason's Hospital, which is down by the Hilton. Either one I think will be ok, and you haven't really expressed an opinion either way just yet, so in the end I guess it will fall to your mum to decide. I have a theory that she's going to go with whichever one has the comfiest beds and best food.

We're going to meet the guy who we think will be your obstetrician on Wednesday next week, so I'll let you know what he's like.

All this kerfuffle and rigmarole is difficult. In many ways it re-iterates the feelings I'm having of being in the dark and not really knowing how this all works. I have a theory that it's going to get better, and I certainly hope that by the time you get here I'll at least be able to maintain the semblance of knowing what I'm doing....

love you pumpkin.

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