April 04, 2005

The Acquisition Tango Part Two

Shop, drive, drive, shop.
Shop, drive, drive, shop.

So, punkin, we bought your first seven outfits at Gigantic Purveyor of BabyGoods, along with several dozen other accoutrements, including many which had no discernable purpose that I could see. What, pumkin, one does with a 'bunny rug' is beyond me, certainly we don't have any rabbits, and if we did they would soon be PurdeyFood* anyway

*see The Great Christmas Bunny Episode, at a store near you.

Muslin wraps, nappies both cloth and disposable, singlets, rompers, babywipes, the list from Frances Perry went on and on and on and on. Sure, I know that you're going to come out naked, and that we have to stop you from getting cold, but seriously, this is clothing that you're going to fit into for a sum total of about 23 minutes, surely we could have gone to the opshop?

In any case, the list was ticked off bit by bit and we continued, punkling, we continued to shop. It was at this point, if memory serves, that your mother discovered that I was without shoes. You can take the boy out of the country, pumpkin, you can't take the country out of the boy.

Regardless, our expedition went on.

Your mother needed nightwear, your father needed some new shirts.

Such things were procured, and we were homeward bound. Homeward bound, punkin, and ready to collapse.

Love you.

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rowdygrammy said...

My Darling Possum,
Your father had a bunny rug. Indeed he had several. My Auntie Jess made them. He loved them. In fact I think that the last one died when your dad was around nine. When you are older you can ask him how much he loved his blanket.

As for the shopping, your Grandad Phil is bracing himself for the shopping that is going to go on once we know if you are a boy or a girl. I agree with your Dad and Mum, I don't care about all of these gender specific outfits, but even your Grammy, old stlye women's libber that she is, can't bring herself to buy that very cute pink frilly outfit from BabyGap (where your Grammy is hanging out these days) for a boy.
I can't wait to meet you sweet pea.
love and hugs