April 27, 2005

Status quo vadis

One day, punkin, my phone is going to ring in the middle of the day. I'm going to answer it and your mum's going to be on the other end, and she's going to say "I've just been to see Pete and he's taking me across the street. You should get here stat."

Today was not that day.

You, punkin, are apparently perfectly happy where you are. The idea that you're going to join us early is apparently erroneous, and your mum's going to have to stay pregnant for the foreseeable future.

Having said that, the foreseeable future in this case extends only to the next few days.

Pete says that if you haven't got your skates on by the 10th of May that we'll give you a push, but it's looking more like you'll be born in May rather than April. Of course, now that your sign of the zodiac is firmly established as Taurus, it makes perfect sense that you're remaining where you are for the time being.

Accepted wisdom on such things states that people of a Taurean nature are... determined.

Fiercely determined.

Of course, all this stuff is bunkum, and there is more gravitational force exerted on you by the car in the driveway than by the moon and stars put together, but that's a discussion for us to have another time.

For the time being, we shall endeavour to accustom ourselves to your timetable, and wait patiently until you feel like you want to join us.

Of course, we may not be successful in the whole patience thing, neither your mother or I are very good at that, so you'll forgive me if I continue to do things like poking you and telling you to hurry up.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Dear Possum,

I have the lovely photo of the three of you on my computer desk top at work, and I am also waiting for the phone call. In my case I'm sure it will come in the middle of the night. We are primed and ready. Your Grandad Phil has a new mobile phone (same number - in case your dad is wondering), and he has it with him AT ALL TIMES, just in case.

Grandad Phil and I have just spent a week in Budapest with your Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Joan, and your cousins (second, or once removed - we couldn't quite decide) Kerry & Rod. A very good time was had by all, and you were a frequent topic of conversation. We all agreed that your Mum and Dad were doing a great job of waiting, and will be wonderful parents. In time you will get to have lunch at John & Joan's and then go for a walk on the beach - one of life's pleasures.

As for when you will come - your Uncle David (who is a first child) was late, and your Dad (who is second) was early. They were both born close to Australian holidays, but I think that is just coincidence.

I firmly believe that your dad came a little early because I took him and Uncle David for a long ride on a bumpy road. I wasn't actually thinking that the drive would help things along, but your Grandad Ian had some work to do, and I decided it would be easier if David and I went out. This being in the dark ages (1974), and it being Sunday morning there really wasn't much else to do - so off we went for a long drive. Maybe this weekend your mum and dad should go for a drive to Eltham.

Waiting in Maine,
your fond Grammy Linda

TheGestator said...

I Cant Think Of A Better Day Than The 8th Of May.. Mothers' Day.
I Was A Mothers' Day Baby, Way Back In 1983 (the 9th) At 4:56am After 9 Hours Of Labour Mum Was Presented With A Bouquet Of Flowers From The Staff To Celebrate Her New Found Motherhood To Which She Said "Stuff Your Bloody Flowers, Take The Kid, I Want Sleep".

The Hospital Is Now A Car Park.. But Never Mind.. Look At Me, I turned out Alright.. Didn't I ? :)