April 22, 2005

Inspiration Destinations

It strikes me, punkling, that I talk a lot about how difficult writing this blog has been, purely in terms of my own experience. It is worthwhile, therefore for me to talk about the other people in the world from whom I gratefully accept inspiration and to whom I send massive thanks for their efforts.

First and foremost is surely Dooce. She’s like, all world famous and stuff, and you probably shouldn’t read her blog because it has some rude words on it, but the letters she writes to her baby Leta every month were partly the inspiration for the way that I’m putting this site together. Along with that, she’s consistently funny, takes great photos and loves her husband, baby and puppy so much that you can see it in every letter of every word on her site.


Two other sites that I’ve only discovered very recently are running parallel to us in a journey through the having a baby in Australia landscape.

Tony and Rae are having an Albert (or a Kennedy). Albert is a name that we briefly considered for you, and I’m glad that we chose another name, because you wouldn’t want to get confuzzled about which babyblog was about you and which one was about someone else… They’re running about three months behind us, so you’ll get to read Contemplating Albert (or Kennedy) with me when you get here. Maybe we can write them an email together.


Kathy from Zucchinis in Bikinis is about two weeks less pregnant than your mum, but they think that she could be going anytime soon, so we’ll keep an eye on that one. Kathy already has a bundle of fun, Miss A, who is 20 months old. I wonder if you’ll get a younger brother or sister. Certainly, the burden of being the oldest in your generation will likely get somewhat lightened by the fact that your cousin will probably be born a week or two before you (yes, that means any day now).


13 days till due date.

Love you.

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