April 06, 2005

Haughty Couture

Someone, punkling, just got here to this site searching google for a onesie with Jimi Hendrix on it. They, and other people searching for awesome presents for soon to be born babies should know that you can get baby sized t-shirts with the master on them at BabyWit, and that they can find other awesome baby clothing at places like these:



Metal Babies


Wry Baby


Progressive Clothing


Nippaz with Attitude




Naissance Maternity (including Che onesie)






1 comment:

rowdygrammy said...

I want to tell you Possum, about one of the true blessings of life. You will come into the world with a big and loving family - lots of people are waiting for you.
As you grow you will meet many people and make friends. In these past months I have been supporting two of my friends as they deal with serious illness.
I can only hope for you my dear sweet pea that you have friendships that help you along your way.
It's a strange thing waiting to be a grandparent. My first concern is for my child, and what he is experiencing. Your dad and mum (especially your mum) are living with the daily changes, but I'm here on the other side of the world, staying in touch as much as I can, but somewhat removed.
I think of you often, especially as I try to deal with my feelings about my friends.
You will have many friends in your life, some will come and go, some will last a lifetime. I wish for you that you have friends as smart, funny, loving and true as I have had. I hope that you will get to know Rae Brady and Cheryl Manger, they are both looking forward to meeting you - and I couldn't wish anything more for you than that you have friends like these.
Your family is here waiting for you
lots of love Possum