April 11, 2005

Construction completed

It's your mum's last day at work today, and she's going to see Dr Pete tomorrow. Of course, being a Tuesday, it's also TopModel night, but as HarryandLiz are over in engerland, we will be watching it from Elliot all alone.

I'm really struggling to find something to tell you today. I absolutely feel like everything's in a holding pattern waiting for you to arrive. Sure, we're still organising things, but the pace has slowed now, and it feels to us more like we're just sitting here waiting for you to arrive. I think that your mum's visit to Dr Pete tomorrow will tell us more, and then I think we'll be able to feel like the end of this long process is near.

In other news, the lovely Rosemary, from ABC Perth, has sent me a CD containing the interview I did with the afternoon program, and I'll be putting a link up here in the next day or so, as well as keeping a copy for you.

Love you.

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E in Oz said...

Hi guys. It's been a few months since I checked in on your blog, but I knew it was getting pretty close to the due date, so I figured I ought to come and see how things are.

Very happy to see from this post that everything is going well.

Eve :-)
- no longer also a Preston resident