April 18, 2005

Just waiting for you.

As the photo below attests, punkling, we had an action packed weekend. Filled with social engagements, soirees, film premieres and red carpets.

This is a total lie and in fact it was only under extreme duress that either your mother or myself put on clothing that wasn't of the pyjama variety.

On a more productive note, we did do a fair bit of cleaning and organising, getting things that much closer to being ready for you to get here. I don't think we'll ever be 100% sure that we've got everything covered, but with every day that goes past, I feel a little bit more like we're going to be ok.

Your mum's started her first full week at home this week, and I'm hoping that this is going to give her a chance to relax a little bit from the frantic activity that marked her last week at work. This is going to be our only opportunity to grab a breather before you get here, so I hope she uses it wisely, instead of trying to climb on the roof and clean out the gutters with nesting instinct in full flight.

Love you.

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