January 21, 2006

Another day in the hothouse

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It's sitting at 39.1 degrees while I write this. (For the benefit of our northern readers, let's do the calculation for them - let's see now, we multiply by nine fifths to get 70.38 and then we add 32 to a grand total of 102.38.

It sounds better when it's more than a hundred, I think.

It is, in any case, almost too hot to type. My fingers keep slipping off the keys.

No wait, it is too hot to type. The worst thing is that we can't even look forward to any substantial relief anytime soon, what with the forecast for tomorrow being revised UP to 43 (get your calculators out to find out that we're talking about 109.4), and the "cool change" that's due on Monday getting set to bring temperatures down into the low 30's, it looks like the run up to my birthday is going to be one long episode of trying to find excuses to be somewhere airconditioned.

Love you.


Good Lord, is it really only 19 days until your Grammy gets here?

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