January 05, 2006

The last post & Chorus

It is a truism, plumpkin, that bad things happen to good people and vice versa.

I therefore hope fervently that something vaguely to particularly unpleasant happens to the person who just stole our camera.

I understand that they probably need the money, and that they probably already have a fairly unsatisfactory life, but to my mind that doesn't give them the excuse to take what's not theirs. I am glad that I removed the photos of you that were on it, and I'm also taking some solace from the knowledge that the battery was almost completely flat.

Whoever purloined the fantastic Panasonic Lumix FZ-20 that has taken so many of the wonderful shots that have graced this page will likely only get to enjoy it for a very short period of time before the battery dies on them.

I will admit that, at the time of the theft, I was visiting a place of ill repute, but I hardly think that picking up a 6 pack of delightfully hopped India Pale Ale is cause for divine retribution.

Of course, being the (now) responsible and wise parental types that we are, your mother and I had the camera insured. Whether the insurance claiming process goes off without a hitch is another matter entirely, however I have every faith that it shouldn't be too painful. In any case, the facts to give thanks for are as follows:
  • They stole the camera, and not Mr Froggy, who was also in the back of the car;
  • There were no photos on the camera's memory card at the time;
  • The battery was flat, so poo to them;
  • Nobody got hurt; and
  • The camera was insured.
Love you.

Illegitimis Non Carborundum.

Yes, mum, I know it's pig latin.


Trish said...

Bastards. A good friend, who has carved out an exceptionally good life for himself through sheer hard work, caught red-handed a young lad trying to steal his Mercedes from the front driveway. After he'd tackled him, wrapped and trapped him in the garden soaker-hose and called the police, the friend asked the lad "why did you do it?" to which he replied "you've got insurance, you can afford to buy another one." I've heard this attitude before: if you can afford something like that, you can afford to buy another one. Well, my response to that would be "if you can say "you can afford something like that" you can probably say "would you like fries with that?" Get yourself a gosh-darn job and buy your own camera. Bastard.

Perhaps a little too much anger for the first week of the year, but you touched a raw nerve with that story. I hope you get your camera back. Have you looked for it on ebay? There was a story just recently about a guy who had his camera stolen, went on ebay to buy a replacement, was thrilled to find the exact model that his was, then doubly thrilled to discover his very own camera when he opened the courier package.

Meanwhile, happy new year. And isn't he getting big!?

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

One day when you are bigger, Grandad Phil will tell you about someone stealing his briefcase at 6am while he was on a train at the main station in Budapest, on his way to Kutna Hora.

Grandad Phil who STILL doesn't know that he isn't 18 any more (or even 28), chased the thief through the train, jumped onto the train tracks, ran through the train yard and then out into the street where he lost him. To quote the nice police man "Just like in the movies". To quote Rowdy Grammy "I'm glad you didn't catch him, what if he had a knife or a gun and hurt you?" The best part about it is that Grandad did all of this without letting go of his cup of coffee.

Your Dad is right possum, no one was hurt, and when it comes down to it a camera is just a thing. Grandad's camera was in his briefcase also, and it had all of the photos on it of our trip to Budapest with Uncle John & Aunty Joan and the Wise clan. But you know what - we still have the memories.

I'm very glad that Mr. Froggy is safe.
I'm glad that you are safe and well.


in five weeks we will be with you.

kisses and hugs to you my darling grandson, and your mum and dad and uncle.

PS Do you like your phone?

rowdygrammy said...

Actually Abraham you need to tell your dad that it is

Nil Illegitimis Carborundum.

And it's not pig Latin. Pig Latin is a whole different thing. I'll explain one day.

Rowdy (who did two years of Latin when she was in grade 7 & 8)

Pol said...

owdygi rannygi is otallyti ightri.

igpi atinli is ompletelyi ifferentdi.

Bummer about the camera chaps.

Though a pal of mine had a cmera nicked, but in the proces they ruined the locks the paint the seals and eventually broke the windo w of the car.

£150 camera and about twice that in damage to the car.

could be worse.

This IPA...was it Coopers?

Pol said...

completely different and biugger to try to spell too.


bram! snoodles!

Pol x

Rae said...

Oh that sucks. Here's hoping the insurance man coughs up and you are able to keep us up to date with more gorgeous pics of your stunningly beautiful boy.
BTW V.glad to hear only the cam was hurt, and no one else was.

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

oh no unky pol, twas James Squire's IPA, a whole nother beast, and certainly someone I'd be happy to introduce you to, should you choose to darken our fair shores once more.

Motherdear said...

It's pig Latin??? Darn! We've been saying that in our family for years, and thought it was the good stuff!!!

I'm so sad about your wonderful camera being stolen, but so happy that you lost no pictures of that marvelous bairn of yours!!

All's well that ends well. And if you report it stolen, and have the serial number to report, someone is going to have to account for being in possession of the lovely thing!!!