January 09, 2006


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The new camera arrived, punkin, and in a continuation of this astonishing run of luck, it arrived a day earlier than it should have. Naturally, like many of your particular demographic, it wasn't so much the esoteric electronica that interested you.

No, in this particular instance, rather than in the thousands of dollars of photomagraphical equipment strewn all over the table for you to have your wicked way with, you chose the box that it came in.

Not, it should be said, that there's anything wrong with that. If boxes are what you want, my son, then boxes are what you shall have. In abundance.

For your birthday next (the first), I hereby promise to furnish you with all manner of boxen in different sizes, shapes and colours. There will be, Brambling, NO END, to the variety of boxes. I'll even special order boxes especially for you.

This is, of course, providing you eschew any and all claims to any other kinds of toys, including but not limited to anything of an electronic or electric nature. Certainly I can't be expected to furnish your needs in all manner of games and toys of this type if I'm going to keep you, pumpkin, in the boxes to which you are accustomed.

Love you.

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