January 19, 2006


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Well, well, punkling, we've been tagged by Kathy.

Here goes.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago, punkin, in January of 1996, your ever hard-working dad was working full time (I think, my memory's a bit hazy but I bet your Grammy knows) running the gift shop at a brewery in Maine. This was, for a 21 year old Australian boy, the greatest job in the world, and I proceeded to avail myself of the associated benefits, mainly of the amber nectar variety (hence the hazy memory). I think that I theoretically lived with Grammy in her palatial hilltop log cabin, but actually had an entire wardrobe in the trunk of my car, and couchsurfed professionally.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
According, punkin, to this very blog, 1 year ago, our friends Lonna and Jonna had just departed our fair shores (they're returning in less than a month, for good this time - you must have made a good impression). I was also celebrating the fact that I'd recently felt you move for the first time. Feeling your touch was a pretty seismic moment for me, and I had this to say about it:

For my entire life to date, through the years of my mis-spent youth (tales of which will be heavily censored for the time being), I never did anything that could not be undone, repaired, paid off or forgotten. All of the mistakes that I made (and there were many), were mistakes that affected only me and the people around me. My responsibility in the first 30 years of my life was limited only to my own survival, and although I tested that responsibility to the edge of the envelope, I made it through. Now, pumpkin, knowing that you are coming, that responsibility has shifted. It is not with thoughts of the repercussions on myself that I consider courses of action, or regret decisions I have made. You, pumpkin, are my responsibility, and it is for you that I must now live my life.

I was also starting to think about what kind of music I was going to play for you when you arrived. Thankfully, Jimi Hendrix won out.

What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
This list could be a lot longer than 5. Here, though, and in no particular order are:
  1. Wasabi Peas
  2. TimTams
  3. Chippies - the new tapas corn chips are YUM!
  4. I'm going to lie here and say a piece of fruit - not that I ever eat any, but I'm not opposed to the concept.
  5. Can I put beer?
What are 5 things that you'd do if you were a millionaire?
Again, it's difficult to get this down to only 5, but here goes:
  1. Buy and build a 'bruno grollo' style compound for family and friends alike.
  2. Take you around the world to see everyone that you haven't met yet (firstclass, natch).
  3. Cars. Lots of cars. Like maybe more than one for every day of the week.
  4. Did I say cars yet?
  5. Pay off everyone's mortgage.
What are your 5 bad habits?
Wow, it's really tough to get this down to 5 again. I'll have a crack...
  1. TV - I watch entirely too much TV. We have a platinum cable package, I don't even actually know how many channels we have, in addition to a hard drive recorder and we nonetheless STILL download TV programs from the internet (yes, it's naughty).
  2. Fast food - Your mum and I crack under the strain fairly often and get fish and chips. I'm pretty sure that we encourage each other, but still it's not good for either of us, and we're setting a bad example for you.
  3. Video Games - Yes, I play videogames too much. Surprise Surprise.
  4. Overall I think that I bow too easily to temptation - I behave a little bit too irresponsibly. I constantly worry that I don't take my job as your dad seriously enough.
  5. I don't clean the kitchen often enough.
What are 5 things that you like doing?
Didn't we already cover this? Very well.
  1. Play with my monkeyman bram
  2. Snuggle Evey
  3. Play videogames
  4. Drink beer and eat cornchips
  5. Snuggle Evey while watching TV, thus killing 2 birds with one stone.
What are the 5 things that you will never buy again?
Ooh this one's tough - add one healthy dose of Instant Gratification Syndrome with a (for a time) healthy bank balance, there's quite a few things that I've bought that I will never invest in again... this could get a little embarrassing, but here goes:
  1. Any and all various kitchen implements bought for the express purpose of making a particular complex and onerous dish. Someone should start a business that hires stuff like this out.
  2. This one is really terribly difficult. I'm actually hard pressed to think of stuff..... I'm sure that my resolute and faithful readership can come up with some ideas for this one.....
Now I'm supposed to nominate 5 other blogs - to "tag" them, but mostly all of the blogs that I read have already been tagged in this meme, so I'm a bit short of ideas... Oh hangon there's a new one that's just started sending me a truckload of traffic - Sarah, you're up.

Love you punkling

ps - the blogger spellcheck suggests that I replace "monkeyman bram" with "management". Have you been mucking around in the sourcecode again?


Pol said...

Food from a works canteen in West yorkshire.

Well I won't buy that again at least.

Sweet merciful gravy, people here know nothing of food.

Just trying to help.

all the best to you and Mz E-pops and Ankle Biter Bram

pol x

Caz said...

What are the 5 things that you will never buy again?

Jars off your wife when you're scamming ebay didn't rate a mention?