January 06, 2006

The best ants are insoorants

So, my darling punkin, after your dad spent a fruitful few hours on the phone this morning, and things are moving apace.

After some very helpful assistance from Mary at RACV, our claim was validated and actioned while I was talking to her, and the supplier was informed of the order immediately and electronically.

Subsequent discussions with said supplier were fruitful, and within MINUTES, punkin, a brand new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 will be despatched to our door. Of course, we'll have to buy our own memory card, but one should not, Bramble, look the proverbial Gift Horse In The Mouth.

Apart from anything else, horses have horrid breath as a rule.

Love you.


jenu said...

ohhhh insuraNTS...wow it took me awhile. But that's fantastic!

sussy said...

And this is me swearing my head off because the same insurance company took the manbeast and myself for a total ride when it came to claiming on his car.

I am very glad you've still got photo-ey goodness going on though.

Pol said...

wrell let me be the first...no actually the third to congratulate you on your traumatic upgrade.

pol x