January 28, 2006

so they say

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"they" say many things, punkin, you will learn this in your life.

Among the things they say are these pearls:

"all populations exist on a bell curve"


"all's well that ends well"

this would lend us to believe that the length of birthday parties should start at a low number and work to a large number and subesquently start to subside again.

so it is with pride and joy that I tell you that, as of 1022pm, everyone's gone home and my birthday party is over.

It was, with your attendance, most absolutely the most fabulous birthday i've ever had.

The chili prawns were without parallel, and the beef rendang was positively OUT OF THIS WORLD.

on that note, your faithful and dedicated father will retire to bed, on the grounds that typing has become rather dificult.

Love youse. All.


rowdygrammy said...

And my little Brambill, we all love your Dad.

Since this is his birthday, and I am his Mum I can be excused a little sentimentality.

As he says he was born 32 years ago. Grandad Ian and Uncle David and I were at a barbeque. Uncle David fell off a balcony and I lumbered through the house and down the stairs to pick him up. Of course by the time I got there, being very pregnant and not moving very quickly, Grandad Ian was already there, having just jumped off the balcony. Uncle David was fine, but it wasn't too long before it was clear to me that your Dad was ready to be born.

Once I persuaded Grandad to leave the barbeque, we went home, I had a shower, packed my bag, and Grandad took me to the hospital. He then took Uncle David over to Nana & Grandad's house and came back to the hospital in time to welcome your Dad.

I have to say, in all honesty that your Dad wasn't as good looking as you when he was first born. He was very skinny, and didn't have much hair. But of course we loved him immediately.

Your Dad was a cheerful and loving baby, always ready to play and talk. And he didn't sleep at the right times - much like you.

I also have to admit that there were times during his teenage years that I briefly considered sending him off to the Foreign Legion, or to a tribe in the Amazon, or indeed anywhere. But he usually managed to convince me that he was VERY sorry for what he had done, and it would NEVER happen again, and that he understood the error of his ways.

Your Dad is good at many things Abraham William. He is good at hugs, and funny, and smart. He has been like this all of his life. He loves reading, and laughing and cooking and often thinks about things a little differently from the rest of the world.
We all love him for all of these reasons. I love talking to your Dad, I love watching him be such a good husband and father, and I look forward to the next 32 years.

Your Dad, and Uncle David and Uncle Steve are the best work we ever did.

Now I'm getting all mushy - but birthdays bring that out in a person, especially your Grammy.

Now I'm going to have breakfast, and go to see my friend Lola and workout. I need to be healthy - it's only 12 sleeps.

love you Abraham,
And your Dad & Mum & Unky Dave & the Puppies

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning my darling Brambill,
It's only six sleeps until Grammy & Grandad Phil get on the big silver bird.
We're looking forward to seeing you.

kisses and hugs