January 16, 2006

Homeward Bound

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Whilst you were happy, I think, to spend the day whiling away the hours at the Casa Du Childcare, it's a massive relief to have you home with us.

The lovely Toni was kind enough to keep what they call a "communication booklet", that essentially gives us a report on your first day at childcare. There are, my pumpkin, no surprises here.


Dear Eve

Bram has had a fairly good day for his first day.

He enjoyed catching the bubbles, but he was a little unsettled at rest times and only took short naps.

He didn't eat very much, and kept pushing away food and a bottle when they were offered.

Regards, Toni

Are we, as your parents, surprised by the fact that you refused to sleep except when absolutely necessary to regain optimal running conditions? No. Are we shocked to hear that you refused to eat what was kindly offered to you? No. These are things, child, that do not surprise us.

So that's over now, and that was fun, now wait until we take you there AGAIN TOMORROW.

Love you.

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