October 15, 2004

*beep beep beep* oh no, the coins keep coming out

Throughout my adult life, pumpkin, I have collected speakers and screens. Anyone who has lived with me for any period of time will attest to the fact that, as my time in any particular abode draws longer, there will be more and more strange shaped boxes accumulating.

I have had, in the past, a tower of televisions in my loungeroom so that I could watch several programs at once, a stereo system in a refrigerator, and many, many, many speakers.

When I moved in with your mother, I was forced to reassess my speaker requirements, given her predilection to "not having a house that is filled with stupid, ugly wires going every which bloody way" (personally I can't understand what she's talking about). After many years of discussions and concessions, I have successfully infiltrated a number of speakers and amplifiers into the house, but just today I ran into a dead end.

After sourcing and pricing a very reasonable upgrade to the stereo system in the blönk, I was informed in no uncertain terms that this was not going to take place, and that instead, expenditure was to be concentrated on "SENSIBLE" things like, I don't know, paying the lovely Dr Pete the Obstetrician (who, although he is lovely, is also very expensive).

I'm unhappy, pumpkin, but I think it's probably time for me to get used to it. I was talking to Samuel's dad the other day, and we were reorganising when we were going to go over there and say hello to him. We noticed that it was the first time that Samuel's arrival had necessitated the shifting of their calendar to take his needs into account, and that this would be ongoing for at least the next 20 years or so.

Speakers, pumpkin, will not keep you healthy. They will not put food in your belly, they will not keep your bum dry. That means that, for the next fifteen years, they go on the back burner. I will upgrade the entertainment system in the blönk, make no mistake, but maybe not for a little while.

Love you.

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