October 19, 2004

a first for everything

Look pumpkin! It's our first rejection letter!!

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your email and for the proposal of a diary concept for
publication. While I believe the diary will be a beautiful keepsake for your
family, I would not be interested in it for publication. However, as you
say, there is a dearth of stories from the fathers perspective and we would
be interested in taking a look at any stories you would care to submit. Our
contributor guidelines are below.

Thank you once again and congratulations on your impending parenthood.

Kind regards,


Liz said...

Do not be discouraged. As someone who works at a publisher's, and deals with applications from hopeful writers, AND has published writery friends....I know that a significant amount of publishing rejection is about timing and suiting the current publishing schedule, rather than quality. Ok, sometimes I just don't like the font an applicant's chosen. Keep going. Too bad I work at a travel publishers rather than a proper literary one.

Pol said...

Ah...that might have been my doing Bill.

I sent a mail to the age saying their content was a bit on the shabby side and they should print the pumpkin diary instead of Helen Razer.

I know they don't anymore but they did and that is a stain unremoveable in this boys book.

Anyhow I thought it could be quitye a little cultish thing, about the size of a cross word and would engage the people with you threes's lovely story.

It appears the only way to get published is to be a celeb, with a ghost writer.
Or Emma Thom....who despite being able to eat an apple through a letter box is a fine filly and fond of shiny leather troos.

But I digress.

Pol x