October 25, 2004

Shaving with the hair straightener

Sometimes, pumpkin, you face a time in your life when you need to try and do something without the right tools. In moments of desperation later in your life you will find out that a 5 cent piece can be used as a screwdriver, and that a pair of needlenose pliers can be used for any multitude of tasks.

To write a webdiary to your unborn child, you need to have something to write about, but that thing can take many forms. Where you run into problems is when you have nothing at all to write.

We're having your 13 week ultrasound tomorrow afternoon, and I'm very keyed up about it. This is the first time we'll be able to say hello to you properly, and there's a lot of tests that we need to do to make sure that you're happy and comfortable. It also gives us a chance to count your arms and legs (two of each, if it's not too much trouble).

While I'm incredibly excited about seeing you for the first time, albeit on a blurry screen in black and white and fuzzy contrast, I'm also incredibly worried about the results of the tests that we're going to do. Still, I'm one of those people who's better than most at worrying about things that I can control, and letting go of the things that I cannot.

Having said that, I'm going to the gym tonight to work off a bit of nervous tension.

Love you.

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