October 11, 2004

Performance report

Again, Pumpkin, I find it time to write to you, and feel like I don't have terribly much to write to you about. One of the things that happened to us over the weekend is that we got a chance to welcome one of your future likely playmates, and another one of them arrived in the world just this very weekend.

Samuel and Olivia are likely to be some of the first people that you come into regular contact with that are of or about your age, and knowing what I do of their parents, I can safely say that this is a good thing.

We got to meet Olivia this weekend, and she slept through the whole thing so I don't know if she'll remember it when you ask her, but she was helping her dad watch Bathurst (while being asleep, a useful talent I'm sure you'll agree, and one I hope you will emulate later).

We bought her a pretty outfit, but it's about eight miles too big at the moment. It's ok though, her mum says she's growing terribly quickly and will be able to wear it soon enough.

Seeing and holding Olivia was one of those moments that seem to occur to me more often these days than they did previously. I looked at her, tiny, sleeping and innocuous as she was, and began to think about the concept of you taking on that physicality. In many ways to me, and exponentially more so because I'm the parent who's not going through the carnival of joy that is pregnancy, you remain abstract.

I think that once your mum really starts to show (which isn't too far away), that this will begin to go away, but for now I feel like I'm really having trouble with the constant thought that you will be here soon. Having said that, I'm still working on the herb garden and the back and front yards in anticipation of your arrival. As I'm sure I explained to you before, the herb garden is my little "visible growth" project that I have taken on to parallel your development inside your mum.

I hope that this will help me to feel like I'm more connected with your development as it starts to accelerate over the next few months. Certainly it will make the courtyard smell better, so maybe that's enough.

Love you.



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