October 27, 2004

on the treadmill, watching the clock

Yesterday, pumpkin, was a very important day for us. We received our first concrete evidence (apart from how cruddy your mum's been feeling) that you are coming to join us. Although again replete with muumuus (this time green rather than pink), our 12 week ultrasound went off without a hitch.

It appears that you are posessed of the standard number of arms and legs, that your spine is strong and straight, that your brain is a good size and that there is 'excellent hemispheric development', and that your fingers and toes are in place. This is all excellent news.

You were, however, very wriggly. Extremely wriggly. In all the wrong ways.

The ultrasound operator wanted you to lie in such a way that she would be able to measure the back of your neck. You refused to. She pounded on the outside of your mum's abdomen. You wriggled around. In the wrong direction. She poked again. You wriggled. Back to the original position. More prodding, more wriggling.

You cannot dispute this, pumpkin, we have it on video, and may, if provoked, play it on special occasions.

Included over to the left is the one photo that we were able to take. Your mum's done some work to make it slightly more legible, but all I can say for now is that in my humble opinion, I think you have a distinguished looking profile, and that there is no doubt in my mind that you will be exceptionally good looking.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Possum/Pumpkin - there is a difference between loving a person and loving the idea of a person. Up until today when I spoke to both of your parents and they told me all about the ultra sound and the tests you have been an idea to me. A wonderful and exciting idea, but somewhat abstract. Hearing about the wriggling and not being in the right postion and refusing to get into the right postion EVEN WHEN PRODDED made me proud of you. Don't you let them prod you sweet heart. You stay exactly where you are, and grow strong, and clever and wriggly. After you have been born and when you have grown up a little you will realise that some of the most wonderful people you know are the ones who refuse to get into the right place - EVEN WHEN PRODDED.

Paul said...

Kid looks like an alien. All dotty spinal cord, exposed brain, and creepy disembodied fingers.

Hopefully (s)he'll get their act together enough to resemble a hooman bean when the time comes.

Otherwise we can just use him/her to freak the crap out of other parents:

"Awwww, look at the cute little....OH #*?!. WHAT THE &?#?ing #?!* is that. GET IT THE HELL AWAY FROM ME. IT LOOKED AT ME!!!!!! MY EYES, MY EYES! YYYYYEEEEAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH"

Introductions are probably in order as well.

Hi Pumpkin. I'm Harry, or Paul sometimes, but probably Harry when you see me. I'm the one going to the gym with your father, and also one of the many, many, writery-creativery-videogamery people who'll float in and out of your life.

And keep up the wriggling pumpkin, just don't let Miss Abbott hold you while you're doing it!