October 18, 2004

dr pete says: operation pumpkin is a-ok

We went to see Dr Pete this morning. He prodded your mum a bit, and measured your current domicile, otherwise known as your mum's uterus, and said that it was exactly the size it should be. He tried to talk to you with a small ultrasound machine, but we couldn't hear you. He said it was probably because you were hiding from us.

On Tuesday next week, we're going to go to the ultrasound place, where we should be able to actually see you, and do a couple of tests to make sure that everything's going ok. Your mum's being having a really tough time of things lately. I think that this last 11 weeks or so have probably been among the most stressful periods in her life.

She's grappling with so much stuff at the moment. She's trying to come to terms with the idea of bringing a tiny, gorgeous baby into this world, and working out what we need to change in the way we live our lives in order for that to happen, and at the same time feeling like she's got PMT and a hangover simultaneously all the damn time. Now I know why it's women who have the babies, pumpkin. If men had babies, there would be a machine to do it for us by now.

I'm trying to do the best I can to help her and make her as comfortable as I can, but she's tired and nauseated all the time. Adding to that, she's hungry all the time, so the kitchen looks like a bomb's hit it most of the time, something I've never been particuarly good at rectifying.

I suppose that, in terms of the raft of new skills that I'm going to be forced to accumulate with your arrival, cleaning up the kitchen will be one that I can just add to the list, along with changing nappies, bottle sterilisation (I already know how to do this with beer bottles, it can't be THAT different) and learning new fangled nursery rhymes.

love you.

on the topic of names, I just want to let you know that, regardless of what your name is, it will be spelled correctly. There will be no examples of the type of crime against nomenclature that we see here:

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