October 07, 2004

Welcome to the Hotel Peeny-Deeny

I've started thinking, pumpkin, about your bedroom.

At the moment, in the bedroom we have identified for you, there resides a large bookcase, the spare bed and the ironing board. Also several computers that are "too good to throw out".

We're not sure what we're going to do about furnishing and/or decorating your bedroom (i refuse to use the word nursery), as with many of the "baby" things that are out there in the world, we shudder at some of the things that people perpetrate on their children in the name of fashion.

You won't be forced to endure a "themed" bedroom, but we will be sure to make it into a room that you can enjoy.

I'm of the firm opinion that you will enjoy some sort of audiovisual capability, but I'm sure your mother will "educate" me away from that, at least for the time being (don't worry, I already have a playstation put on one side for you), and insist on mobiles or some other such lowtech boring stuff.

Books will be a big thing. I know you can't read just yet, but believe me when I say that there are many people in your life (and one person in particular) who will be dedicated to purchasing you many, many, many books. This will, of course, necessitate a bookcase of some description, although I think that the dark wood, nine foot tall monster that lives there now might be a bit too much for you.

Your grandfather Phil has said that he has found you the perfect cot, although seeing as how it's in America, he hasn't quite figured out how he's going to get it here yet. Don't sweat it though, he's very inventive.

Your mum wants to buy a rocking chair to have in your room, but as far as I'm concerned. she can pay for it if that's what she wants, rocking chairs are expensive (at least more expensive than new speakers for the blönk are).

Either way, there will be no Bananas, regardless of their sleepwear. No Tank Engines, called Thomas or otherwise. No Teenage Mutant Power Rangers.

Classic Style, pumpkin. Classic Style.

Love you.

whoops i almost forgot.

Xev, Chiana, Nikita, Gia, Ravin, Gavin, Bailey, Ares, Adjutor, Audet, Kaytaquana, Alliwen, Camianne, Shaynelna, Karlakenya, Adanah, Leezi, Mays, Karjovon, Brandnel, Jaslera, Breedee, Tylee, Allikaylor, Tylera, Shairani


Feisty said...

Hello Pumpkin,

Just so that you don't get any ideas about it being safer where you are, and decide not to come out when May comes around, I just want to let you know that when your dad *says* there's a nine foot tall monster in your room, he doesn't mean a *real* monster... Our house is a monster free zone.

love you,
your mum.

Pol said...

there's a nine foot monster in the dark wood?

dunno about your mums attempt to make that less scary, as I'm aquiver and I'm 12000 kms away.

rowdygrammy said...

When your dad was a little boy he heard something in the garden right outside his bedroom window that frightened him, he thought it was a monster and he was scared. But HIS dad (your grandfather Ian) told him there weren't any monsters in Eltham because the council had passed an ordinance against them. So your dad felt perfectly safe and happy and went back to sleep.
I'm sure your dad will make sure that the Preston council passes an anti-monster ordinance before you are big enough to worry about it. There's a lot we all have to do to make the world safe for you - I'm working on a getting rid of a monster called W.

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

The BOOKCASE is nine feet tall pumpkin, it's therefore a "monster" bookcase. It is not a monster. There are no monsters. Purdey and Kudra are, in any case, specially trained Monster Guard Dogs who will see off any such beasts before they get anywhere near the house.