July 15, 2005

Bathing Laughing

It's been a constant amazement to me, punkin, the number of people who are interested in your ongoing development and life. To that end, when we videotaped you in the bathtub last night, showing off your fab new skill, laughing, it was with these people in mind.

To them, then, I say this:

Here is a video. Of Punkin. In the Bath. Laughing.

(.avi format, 4.8MB)

Apparently there's some issues with the video. You need to have the DivX codec installed, which you can download here.


Rae said...

Oh he is just gorgeous!

The Family Man said...

Very nice photo. I'd watch the movie but it would take forever on my dial up connection at home.
I love how you have chronicled the daily events so thoroughly. What a great gift for Bram. Even greater is that he has parents who love him so much.
I also love reading an entry dated tomorrow (from my time zone it is still Thursday).

Bente said...

Oh the cuteness!

Avery's mom said...

Funny little guy enjoying his bathtime....how absolutly sweet!

Trish said...

And with those nineteen seconds of sheer cuteness, you forgive him the last few weeks of sleepless nights and ear-splitting screams.

(he's awfully sweet)