July 21, 2005

I'm ready for my closeup

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There is talk around the traps, punkling, that you could very well be the most photographed baby in all the world.

I don't believe that this is true, and surely there are babies of professional photographers, along with the ones who pose for those godawful Anne Geddes photos and fabric softener advertisements and you get the picture.

Certainly, we have taken some photos of you. Probably in the region of a thousand, although with the advent of wonderful modern technology, it's difficult to tell precisely how many, but a thousand's probably a good number to work with.

Given how quickly you are learning, you seem to have accepted the silver snout of the camera as part of your everyday life, in much the same way that you have your mobile, or your cot, or any of the other accoutrement that fill your day.

What this translates into, as far as I can tell, is an acceptance on your part that at some point in the day, someone will take photos of you. The end result of this is that you relax around the camera, and for some obscure reason know that you're supposed to look into it when we point it at you.

I don't know that our efforts are ever going to reach the sort of standard that will have thousands flocking here, looking to sign you up for catalogues and modeling shoots and all that (frankly, after seeing the behaviour of some of the young ladies on Australia's Next Top Model, I'm not sure that that is the profession I'd suggest you pursue), but certainly I'm glad that, as with these writings, I'm going to be able to show you a progression of what you looked like practically every day of your life.

Love you.


uncle john said...

1000 photo's +; Bram, you should be priviledged, your Grandma never took that many photo's of your Uncle John in all his 23.9 years!!! :)

Lots of love everyone, John William

E in Oz said...

And all the photos are just fantastic. Besides, he's a beautiful little package. Who wouldn't want to take happy snaps of a face like that?

E :-)

Elli (daughter of Bente) said...

Bram, I don't know your feelings on the photo topic but you should check out this post:

It was written by a fellow little person on the subject. Hey, maybe you can join our alliance!

Pol said...

you got the lad a mobile?!


Ah rtight a thing that hangs over the cot, not a cellular phone.

makes a lot more sense.

greetings from Sweden