July 28, 2005

Quick Study

Of course, being the son of two such fabulously intelligent human beans, it shouldn't surprise me at all to see and hear you being speedy to pick something up.

Nonetheless, let me tell you that I am singularly proud of your achievements in the going to sleep arena. Last night you went down with hardly a murmur, and tonight you cried for a grand total of 12 and a half minutes before you drifted off to sleep. Congratulations, punkling, it looks like you're going to join your mum and dad in being inordinately fond of a bit of pillow sniffing.

Sleeping, and indeed sleeping in, are considered recreational activities in the Peeny-Deeny household, punkin, replete with their own rules, arena and uniforms. Luckily, the vast majority of the clothing that you own falls into the 'pyjama' category, and therefore there's no possibility of you getting a red card for transgressing any of those arcana.

There are, however, some peculiar regional variations of which you should be aware.
  • It is mandatory that one supply one's own reading material. Failing to do so, and attempting to procure a book from anyone else can and will result in being bonked on the nose by a bookspine.
  • In the event that one has failed to procure reading material, it is unacceptable in the extreme to indulge in any form of 'spoiling', e.g. placing one's hand on the page someone else is reading, hitting or otherwise moving their book, or telling them about the vital and earth shattering plot point revealed on page 113.
  • The first person out of bed on a Saturday is automatically in charge of breakfast, and must attempt to meet or exceed the breakfast requirements of everyone else in the house. (nb: this rule will be applied at the discretion of the umpire, i.e. me, until you are old enough to boil a kettle and use the toaster)
Whilst it is true that there are also rules for the couch (mostly revolving around who gets the last TimTam and who gets to hold the remote (the answer to both of these is me)), it's likely to be slightly premature to be going into those now.

Love you.

ps We are working on the design. Please bear with us.

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rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning My Sweet Brambill,

It's been a little while since I have written to you, but you are always in my mind. I have your photo on my computers at work and home, and we are all (Rowdy, Grandad Phil, all the staff at Falmouth Library) keeping up with you on a daily basis.
It is a great pleasure for me to see how you are growing. I look at your photos when I get up, and before I go to bed, you have changed so much.

I am glad that you are going to meet your Yorkshire grands soon. They are great people AND they know how to throw a party.

As your Dad has told you, we are a reading family. A couple of weeks ago, I was very privileged to meet and have dinner with one of my favourite authors, Suzie Gretz. Suzie (or Suzanna as she is on her book jackets) has written many books, some of my favourites are the books about the family of teddy bears (Teddy Bears Stay Indoors, Teddy Bears Go Shopping etc.) I was unable to find a copy of any of the Teddybear books in Portland on the day we were meeting her, but I did find a copy of Riley and Rose in the Picture. This is a story about Rily and Rose and how they draw pictures. It has a lot to say about how artists work, and how different people can see a picture in different ways. You will enjoy this book, and I think your Mum will too. Suzie has personally signed this for you Abraham - YOUR FIRST SIGNED BOOK. A milestone in any boy's life.

Well Sweet pea - Grandad Phil and I are going to North Carolina to a wedding - must get ready and go off to the airport.

Keep growing, and learning, and sleeping when appropriate.

love you
Rowdy Grammy