July 13, 2005

Three Ring Circus

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Last night, my darling punkling, you took us on an... interesting journey.

I don't want anyone to get upset, or overheated or excited, so I'll preface this discussion by saying that you're fine and happy and healthy as I type this, and that the photo over there ---> was taken not ten minutes ago. (Your mum's very excited because she took it on her telephone).

Enough chitchat, let's get into it.

Last night, after your preliminary outing with the local Mums and Bubs group (and apparently, contrary to your father's directions you had not returned home with any phone numbers), you began to exhibit a rash on the side of your face. Associated with this, your general colour got quite pale, and you felt warm to the touch. You didn't want to go to sleep, and in fact your crying got progressively more agitated.

One trip to the supermarket and three phone calls later, we'd worked out that you didn't have a temperature, but your mum and I were both still unconvinced that you were ok.

So off to the emergency room at the Children's Hospital with us.

Ever since we've been in the initial stages of this pregnancy, I've been consistently pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, professionalism and all around convenience of the people who work with children. Last night was no exception.

After a short wait (in the waiting room, natch), we were ushered in to a cubicle in the Emergency Ward. A lovely, friendly, professional nurse came by and checked your oxygen levels and pulse with a groovy machine she strapped to your foot, and then checked your core temperature using a method that I've promised all concerned we will not discuss, even at your 21st.

A long, long wait followed. Naturally, whilst it was 3am, and we were very very tired, we understood that emergency rooms work on a system called "triage", which essentially means, punkin, that if you're not dying right then and there, you wait.

Eventually, we were visited in our little cubicle (which, it should be said, was comfortable and even had paintings on the walls), by Dr Jeremy.

Jeremy took a good look at you (of course, by this time you'd worn yourself out completely and had been asleep for about an hour), and checked you out from top to toe. Eventually he picked you up and said to us "Well, I think what we've got here is a perfectly healthy baby boy".

Next time you can't get to sleep, punkin, please don't be so alarming about it, the Children's Hospital is fantastic, but I don't want to move in there.

We saw Dr Pete this morning too, but I'll tell you about that another time.

Love you.


Your mum says that I should call attention to the fact that this photograph represents the first time that you have actually grabbed and interacted with one of your toys. Way to go kid, I'll have you playing playstation in no time.

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Trish said...

So glad to hear he's OK. I hate rashes. They never look like the ones in the "What Nasty Ailment Has My Child Caught This Week?" book. We had many a trip to the doctor's for a clear diagnosis (tip: when they say 'does it stay red when you press on it?' the only way to know is to press on it with a glass, so you can still see it!) but the trips to the Emergency Room are the ones I'll never forget. And yes, I think the staff in those Children's Hospitals are truly descended from angels. Anyway... glad he's OK.