July 07, 2005

Rowdy Grammy phone home

on the phone
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It's very sad, Bram, that we have to talk to your grandparents like this, but it's good that we get to talk to them.

Your Grammy rang us last night to tell us about the time that she got me vaccinated. She was very excited to talk to you, and you gurgled at almost exactly the right time.

You have really started to talk to us. You make hooting sounds while you try out your vocal chords, and smile when a particularly gratifying noise comes out.

Last night on the phone it seemed like you could recognise your grandmother's voice, but you were slightly confused about how we managed to squeeze her into the telephone.

I'm glad that we are able to use this blog like that, to allow people overseas to feel included in your life and your progress. It was designed partially for that, but more than that it's designed to enable me to talk to you through the years. I know that we're starting to communicate now, but trading gurgles is really no substitute for the permanence and unequivocal nature of the written word.

Love you.

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Nick said...


You are growing up so fast!! Just so you know, this is your Uncle Nick.

Glad to hear you are making so many strange noises, your daddy makes lots of them too.

Isn't technamagology amazing, you can talk to Granny even though she is 12000 miles away! Trust me dude, that is a long way.

Thank-you for letting us overseas people be a part of your life. It means the world to us (no pun intended).

Be Good now, Uncle Nick

PS. I laugh when i see your daddies face too....