July 07, 2005

Worryworts International

We live in a world, punkin, that has a great deal of uncertainty in it. One of the things that make it uncertain is the propensity of large groups of people to want to blow other large groups of people up.

Unfortunately, punkling, when these groups of people decide to do things of this nature, innocent people get caught in the middle. As I type this, it appears that some people have set off some bombs in central London. Reports are still pretty sketchy, but I should tell you and everyone who reads this that we know that your Aunts Amy and Emma, and your Uncle Liam, are all ok.

I'm sure that all of my wonderful readers join me in sending my heartfelt best wishes to everyone caught up in this calamity.

Love you.


Jen said...

It's a crazy mixed up world, and sometimes I get so down about it. Then I realize that there are lots and lots of people out there who agree that love rules all, and it gives me hope.

Just another visitor from this planet called Earth.

- Jen

lovelyamy said...

hey eve, bill and bram

we're ok so worry not about us.
i'd just like to point out that blowing people up does not get you what you want in life and only destroys others.

only through love and communication can things ever be resolved -- so dont forget to talk to each other.

love you too
x x x

lovelyamy said...

also i'd just like to thank everyone who called mum to make sure we were ok.

love to you too x x x

Pol said...

Bram, be still, be calm.

There is no call for undue alarm.

If your P's need anyone called over here please ask them to send me the details and I will be good to call.

Local to me and your P's need the sleep.

Happy to help the poor sleep deprived loves.
also I am in the same time zone

mail me for anything further.