July 31, 2005


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It should be established, punkin, that you are posessed of one of the world's great collections of grandparents.

In the general sense, it is considered acceptable to have four grandparents, two of each variety, but you mother and I lay in bed this morning, attempting to count your grandparental units and I ran out of fingers and it was too cold to get my feet out from under the covers.

Of course, seeing how prehensile (people keep wondering why I call you 'monkey') YOUR toes are, perhaps I should have borrowed some of yours.

IN ANY CASE, here is the lowdown. You will already know, of course, that you spent today with your Nana Sue, and you already know your Nana Katy and Rowdy Grammy and Fabulous Aunt Jann. But here's the thing, punkin.

There's more.

Lots more.

Around 10 sleeps from now (although that translates roughly to 40 sleeps for you), Grannie Annie's getting here. (I'm fairly sure that's not what we'll wind up calling her, but it will do for now). I spoke to you last time they were here about how scary it is for me when they come over. I worry that they're somehow going to decide that I'm not a good enough husband and take your mum away. It's irrational, sure, but just YOU wait until you start going out with young ladies and find out how terrifying it is to meet their dads.

Of course, I'm also terribly excited. Being that you are the most amazing and wonderous thing that I've ever had a part in creating, I'm always up for an opportunity to show you off, and its hard to find a more receptive audience than your grandparents.

Love you.


Homer Jay said...

Wow. Punkin is a very lucky little one. You can never have too many people in your life that love you.

The Family Man said...

Love the new look...of your blog, that is. I could say I love the new look of Bram as well, and of course I do. The 'toes' shot is fantastic.
The great thing about kids this age is they give you a new look every day.
Also, what Homer Jay said...Bram is a very lucky guy - he gets a home run in the parent department.

Mr Grumpy said...

Dear Bram,
Don't let your parents take you to Raleigh NC! Rowdy Grammy and I were there over the weekend. You would not believe what we saw. There was a place called the "Kids Exchange".
We do not want you to be exchanged for any other kid.
PS. You dad was telling me about the "Baby Change" place at Northland. I think that it is probably safe.

Granddad Phil

Pol said...

good toes buddy, I can open a box of matches,strike a match, blow it out and replace the match with mine.

Keep up the practice monkey pants

pol x

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

All I want to say is that I don't think you can have Gran overload. The more grands the better is what I say. You have grands to visit in different places, grands with lots of different skills, and grands to spare.

When you get a little older, I'm sure that you will find that having a few more than the usual number of grands is a very useful thing. Just imagine that you want to go to the Moomba fireworks, and your Mum and Dad don't want to take you. A couple of phone calls and off you go - with one grand or the other. Or you want someone to help you build a tree house, or you have a desire to learn how to bake bread, or you want to start a vegetable garden, or find out the best place to buy some special fabric, or you need to go to a football match, or have someone tell you what book to read next. You have all of these situations covered Brambill, and many more.

love you,
miss you,
enjoy your Yorkshire grands

Rowdy Grammy