July 19, 2005

Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey
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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, we've been over this a million times.

WHEN your mum puts you in your bassinette, it is because it's time to go to sleep. At this point, you are supposed to gurgle, smile sleepily, and drift off to dreamland like the babies IN THE MOVIES.

This concept that you seem to have grabbed hold of, this idea that it's a good idea to FAKE being asleep, so that as soon as your mum sits down or makes a cup of tea you can SURPRISE her by waking up and screaming, this, punkin, is not the way to amuse your parents.

I KNOW that everything's very exciting. In the last week your catalogue of discoveries has included such exciting breakthroughs as Television and Feet. I KNOW that you like to watch Buffy with your dad when he gets home from work, and that you like to play such games as "look at Dad, he's funny", but, really, you need to give your mum a break during the day.

This sentiment has been expressed a million ways in a million fora, but I'll say it again here just so it sinks in. You're growing up SO FAST. Three weeks ago (of course I understand that this is a sizable proportion of the time that you've been alive) you weren't really conscious of people yet. By the time GrannyAnnie gets here in four week's time, who knows what you'll be up to.

Hopefully by then you will have figured out how to sleep during the day.

Love you.

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Homer Jay said...

Good luck with that whole sleeping thing. Really enjoyed your blog.