July 25, 2005

Contemplation Nation

Hand chewing
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Every day, punkin, despite the fact that you are still less than a quarter of a year old, I catch glimpses of the boy you'll be.

While your features retain their baby qualities, there's hints occasionally of expressions you will use and sounds you will make.

You're grasping at vocalisations at the moment, conscious, I think, of the fact that we use them to communicate, and trying to emulate us. Your hoots and exclamations are a joy to listen to, because I know you're telling me something.

What it is, I'm yet to figure out, but it's this establishment of a dialogue that's most exciting to me. The concept that, regardless of whether we each understand what the other is saying, we're talking, smiling and laughing together.

Making you laugh has now become one of my primary life goals. So far we've discovered that your favourite joke is "Daddy's got a cushion on his head". I hope that you'll continue to find me amusing at least until you're 14 and I become, as if overnight, the daggiest human being on the planet.

Love you.

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