July 14, 2005

Rapt Attention

Rapt Attention
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I was catching the tram home tonight, punkin, and had the privilege of sharing my seat with a young man called Andre. Andre was three years old, and had been to the supermarket with his mum.

Sitting there listening to his rapidfire chatter, I was struck by how much he knew, how rapidly he assimilated information. I'm waiting anxiously for that time with you, for my chance to teach you the things that I know, and my chance to learn with you the things that I do not.

Watching you make progress is astonishing. I see you change with each day, and people who only saw you a week ago are blown away by the leaps and bounds with which you grow. You've wholeheartedly made the leap to communication, and you now make eye contact and vocalise whenever you meet people. Last night when Liz and Harry came over (for Rockstar, a far inferior reality TV show to TOPMODEL), they were astonished at the way you now talk to people.

I'm astonished too, and while part of me is waiting and wishing for the day when I can have a conversation with you, part of me is wanting you to hold on, to wait, to stop growing up so fast, because along with all the things I want to explain to you about hippopotamuses and aeroplanes and mountains and cricket, there's a lot of things that I don't want to have to explain to you.

Like why people blow each other up.

Love you.

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