May 30, 2005

Desperate Times

Desperate Times
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Call for desperate measures, punkling. And sometimes late at night when you won't sleep more than ten minutes at a time, there's only a couple of things that will work to get you to sleep. This being one of them.

I'm worried that this blog is starting to look like the "Bram won't sleep" blog, and people will think that you're an unsleeping demon child all the time. This is categorically not the case, and I plan to very soon have photos up that prove that you do things other than refuse to sleep.

Forinstance, on Saturday morning, you did 'going to the airport to pick up Grammy and Grandpa'. Naturally, being a child of many jetsetting relatives, you did it in style.


SBB said...

Hiya, been reading through your blog.

If baby still has problems sleeping, consider getting an Amazing Miracle Baby Blanket

You can buy them in Oz here for A$40: ships to Australia.

I know I'm going to be getting one the minute I get pregnant!

Oh and of course, pumpkin is just the cutest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

We used the Miracle Blanket also from Just for Bubs and my god, it really is a miracle blanket. Thank you Infinite Bowel for your suggestion. You saved us!!!