May 06, 2005

Thoughts on fatherhood

Da Boys
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Or at least, the first 36 hours thereof.

Last night, as I walked you up and down as you screamed, I was aching to be able to communicate with you, to tell you that it wasn't so bad, that you didn't need to be scrunching your whole body up so tightly, when it came to me that there was a decent reason for you to be crying so much and so hard. This was, for you, the worst thing that had ever happened in your life. Of course, it's no use me telling you now that a bit of wind is going to be the least of your worries when you turn 25, but there you go.

Last night made a few things apparent. One, that you're not as placid and lovely as we thought you were. Perhaps naming you after someone who had an affinity with creatures of the night was in hindsight not the best idea.

Of course, they say that music soothes the savage beast, and we discovered last night that this was true. Your dad being your dad, I had, by the time we'd been in the room for 3 hours, installed a stereo system.

I am happy to report, my beautiful Abraham, that your first lullaby was side B of Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. Apparently you're fond of "And the Gods Made Love".

Love you


kristen said...

Hi muffin, I know they are calling you Bram and Pumpkin, but I shall call you muffin because, well because I want to. Anyway, welcome to this giant world, Im way over here on the other side near your nana linda, so I probably wont see you for a while. Ill send you pictures of Maine, so you can see where your dad lived when he was a younger man. Be good to your mum, she did the hard part. Save all the big poops for your dad. Kiss Kiss- Love, Kristen
Oh and if your dad ever says soup and ketchup in the same, run far far away...

E in Oz said...

He's so big! Maybe I've missed it somewhere, but did you post birth weight etc somewhere?

Congrats again. The pics are great.
E :-)

Anonymous said...

G'day, kid! Welcome from more of the rellos!
Worried by your folks, though - did they really mean to give you the same initials as Advanced Web Page Designing or, as you're more likely to be known in the schoolyard, Abe: Weasly Pus-Detector?
Congratlations to you both, and to Lindanana, Grandpas Phil and Ian and other assorted important people! Fantastic! Rod and Linda.

Anonymous said...
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