May 26, 2005

The Learning Curve

Unsleeping Demon Child
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You know, punkin, your mum and I are both quite intelligent people. We are well read, and we've seen lots of difficult films. It seems, however, that there are some things that just completely fail to make an impact on our teeny brains.

This concept, you see, of "establish a going to bed routine for your baby", appears to have eluded us entirely. This of course results in what the books choose to charmingly call an "unsettled" baby, which loosely translated into English appears to mean a grizzly wriggly angry crying wailing yelling unsleeping demon child.

Perhaps, punkling, new babies should be issued with some kind of flashing neon sign, or red light, some sort of siren or other warning device, that would let new parents know that their course of action (say, watching another episode of Kingdom Hospital) will likely result in an unsleeping demon child if pursued.

The endpoint of all this, punkin, is that I'm working from home today so that your mum can sleep, and you're currently helping me write a document entitled ERP Application Management Services Transition and Related Upgrade Activities. I'm sure that the riveting nature of this document is what has triggered your self defense styled response, of falling fast asleep.

Love you, unsleeping demon child.

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rowdygrammy said...

My Dear Little Brambilling Boy,

Don't worry, you can let your parents sleep a little, Grammy and Grandad are on their way. It is less than 18 hours until we get on the plane (aka big silver bird). Of course it will be considerably longer than that until we see you.

We have to go to Washington, Los Angeles and Aukland before we see you. Fortunately, because your Grandad is the king of getting points that can actually be used, we are going to turn left when we get into the plane. This, my dear boy is something to look for at all times in air travel. But of course the family tradition is that you NEVER pay for this - you get points, or you get an upgrade, or you just act very nice and they give it to you.

We are coming prepared - I have photos to show anyone that we talk to enroute. We have a suitcase FULL of all sorts of presents. It seems that half of Portland wanted to send something to you, not to mention the rellies in Michigan. We also have one or two things for your mum and dad and uncle.

We are hoping when we visit that you might be able to come with us to see MORE rellies - you have plenty, and some to spare.

So before we get there, please tell your parents that three week old babies don't have routines, and anyone who says so is pulling their legs. There is no magic way to make it happen, you will settle down in your own good time, and then all of this will fade into the past. It's hard now, but it will get better. (I promise, and I'm an expert)

lots and lots of love
Grammy Linda & Grandad Phil