May 05, 2005

Remaining Men Together

Remaining Men Together
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Sorry punkin, I promise I'm taking notes, and I will do a giant big amazing post about what your birth bits were like. I promise I haven't forgotten. In the meantime, there's a couple more photos up in the photo album.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

Your Grandad Phil has just gone off to see your Great Grandma Kowalski in Michigan. He is taking the video your Dad took to show her that you are a big healthy and good looking boy.

I am taking the photo of you and your Dad to work to show everyone what a handsome pair of boys you are. I still haven't found the photo of your Dad taken in the hospital - he certainly didn't have as much hair as you - he was bald.

I hear that you are doing well, and Aunty Wendy has been to visit.
Keep well, and enjoy the visitors.

love and hugs
(only 23 days until I visit- but who's counting)
Grammy Linda

Ms_Bunnie said...

welcome to the world little pumpkin!!!

we have been waiting for you for a long time.

there is much lov ebing sent from a forest in connecticut.