May 11, 2005

In related news

The person, my beautiful one, to thank for the fact that we're able to share all of these too-cute-for-words photographs with the world is Shauny.

Your dad has known Miss Shauna in a virtual sense for many, many years, and it was in fact her blog that prompted his adoption of the blogging meme. She has been witness to many of the ups and downs in his life for the last five or so years, and I was incredibly chuffed to read that she had recently got married to a wonderfully lovely Scottish boy called Gareth. In Las Vegas. By Elvis.

Shauny, being a very very clever and fabulously generous person, must have somehow known that I was just about to buy a flickr pro account so that we could share tons more photos with the world and, punkling, without prompting, GAVE us one.

So, pumpkin, when people stop you in the street and say "aren't you that baby from pumpkindiary?" and we have to hold on for a while so you can sign some autographs, it's Shauny we should be thanking.

Love you.

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