May 30, 2005

Proof Positive

Originally uploaded by billyjoebob.
This photo serves, my beautiful punkling, as proof positive that you DO smile, that you DO spend time being the most cuterest baby in the world, and that I'm not insane because I love you so much.

It's important to me that I keep these photos close, and that I take them whenever I can, because when you're being an Unsleeping Screaming Demon Child (as is the case right now as we speak), it's important that I can remember why we brought you here to share this world with us. Because we have every faith that you will be a child and an adult full of joy and wonderment.

So please stop screaming.

Dad out.


Jen said...

I must agree with the cuterest assignment. I saw some of the other photos in the same sequence, and I must say your babe is quite an expressive young fellow. He looks like such a character!

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

AND check out my stylin pyjama pants in this shot.