May 03, 2005

Pending Paedeatrix

Of course it's Tuesday, punkling.

This means two things. Namely that your mother is at the Lobstertrician (the lovely Dr Pete, in whom we trust), and that Top Model is on tonight.

I will naturally update you if we find out anything more from your mum's appointment, but my gut feeling is that we won't be discovering anything earth shattering. I am firmly of the mind that Pete will look at your mum and say "Situation Normal, go home.".

Now your mother's pregnancy up until this point has been absolutely, categorically and totally textbook, so one would imagine that there's little point in assuming that there would be any difference to that trend now, and that we shouldn't even be thinking for a moment that you might come early.

But pumpkin, if you look up, you will see that you are due to arrive in just two short days. The fifth of May, 2005 is the day that you are supposed to get here punkin. 05/05/05. It has such symmetry, such grace. Cinco de Mayo, punkin. Try to get organised, will you?

Te amo.


Sarah said...

I too am going for the 5/5/05, that would be a great birthday! Wishing you all good luck for next week...
(I found your blog through Rae and Tony's, and as a fellow Melbournian expecting a baby I have read with great amusement the purchasing of prams and cots and assorted adventures. I must get on to that stuff myself!)

Bente said...

05/05/05! Oh, that would be such a great birthday, you'd better hurry!