May 10, 2005

Things people want to know

Little did they know
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You weighed 3.6 kilograms at birth, or just on 8 pounds in the old money. You are 50 cm tall. We have enough babygros (or grosuits), but we're short on socks in size 000 and bibs. Your hair is looking more blonde and less red every day, but it's still got a healthy copper tinge to it. Your eyes are still going to be blue.

You were named Abraham because we liked tbe name Bram. Abraham stems from the Hebrew "Avraham", and means "father of nations". Bram is both the name of the man who wrote Dracula and the name of the man who invented BitTorrent. Your middle name is William because your mum's cousin stole John two weeks before you were born. Significant people in your family who were called William include, but are not limited to; your father and two of your great grandfathers.

You went on your first long outdoor journey today, to the shopping centre in search of some groovy hats (an example of which is presented here). Comments from the parent's room included "Six days? good lord, we didn't leave the house for three weeks!".


I love you.


Paul said...

Hey kiddo,

Outside of the nurses, and your mom & pop, I was the first person to hold you. This is really just a fluke of geography because I work around the corner from where you were born.

I just wanted to say that you are a super-cute child, as well as a quiet one, and that my awkward stand-offishness is in no way a reflection on you.

I'm like that around most people, but especially babies, and especially ones where I might have some sort of influence.

Which up until now has been none, but I'm extrapolating based on life experience.

I also wanted to say nice hat.

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

You should know that ALL of the Michigan relatives think you are a beautiful baby. They also thought it was extremely thoughtful of you to phone and wish me Happy Grandmother's Day.

There are William's on our side of the family also, but no Abrahams - you will be the first.

And in less time than it takes to think about it Grammy Linda will be in Melbourne, with hats, cute outfits, and a book or two.

love and hugs
Grammy Linda

lovelyamy said...

hey there brambaby -- i would like to say at this point that there are many significant people in your family called john -- your mother and i had a very lovely john in the form of an uncle john. uncle john was a brilliant character who loved his family very much and enjoyed spending his free time in the local pub with his very many friends and i would often catch up with him there on monday jazz night.
uncle john was quite mischievious and often enjoyed the sport that came with having lots of nieces and nephews which provided hours of fun to us older cousins.

you are very lucky, bram, as you also have an uncle john (my brother) who is also mischievious and i'm sure you will have lots of fun with him and being one of the first of the next generation you will enjoy the banter that we did when the younger lot arrive!

love your aunty amy x